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Arrest Pathogenic Outbreaks!


Rapidly Arrest Outbreaks of Invasive Microorganisms

 MicroBug has the unique ability to DRY and SOOTHE affected areas.  Drying out problematic conditions & minor scrapes is crucial in minimising infection and the spread of outbreak.  

 Coconut and essential Clove Bud oils linger to nourish and prevent over-drying.  Both these oils are well known for their strong wound healing abilities (antibacterial, anti fungal, anti yeast & anti inflammatory)

 Coconut oil has been shown to stimulate greater collagen matrix and accelerate re-epithelialisation (new tissue).   Clove Bud oil is well known for its numbing action, giving relief where pain or discomfort present.  It is also is a natural insect repellant

 Rainscald, Greasy Heel, Ringworm & other similar skin conditions

Spray entire area well and  leave to self-dry.    Continue daily treatment whilst affected area is ‘active’ and for at least a few days after noticeable improvement.  If condition re-flares, begin treatment again


Pick out ‘stinky’ hooves daily and spray.  Remove horse from wet and/or muddy environments and repeat treatment until thrush (& smell) has resolved.  

 Seedy Toe

Once resected (opened up by a professional) MicroBug is excellent for no-fuss, daily maintenance treatments in between trims

 Minor Cuts, Abrasions and Insect Bites

Spray as needed.  Do NOT use on deep wounds.  Works great on tick bites or where certain insects leave a reaction at site.  Has insect repelling properties, however is not an insect repellent product

Apply 1-3 times daily or as needed

 Recommended to use in conjunction with SkinBalm to soften & debride scabs, promote deeper healing, hair regrowth and minimise scarring

 External use only

Do not spray near eyes or onto sensitive areas around the mouth. Should any skin irritation occur, discontinue use and contact us and/or your veterinarian

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