Fortify Maintain - Bulk Bucket

  • $250.00

Fortify Maintain  For Healthy Biological Function

Fortify Original was born out of the need for better supplementation in horses, largely due to consistent observations in the field (and scores of forage analysis) of horses showing varying degrees of nutrient/mineral deficiencies (particularly copper:zinc).   Whether already on some form of supplementation or not, it became evident many horses were still not getting adequate amounts of certain nutrients, with problems manifesting in hooves, coat, skin, metabolism, immune system, connective tissue and much more.     

We also became aware of how many companies seem to have every ingredient under the sun listed on the bag, yet still too low in some of the most important ingredients and yet too high in ingredients that were not healthy (such as fillers, sweeteners and excesses of certain nutrients).  The majority of horses’ nutritional needs can actually be met with forage (pasture/hay) with supplementation only called for when this falls short.  It is not necessary to feed everything all the time.  

We wanted to provide a supplement that met much closer to real needs, without the cost of empty (or detrimental) bells and whistles.  

Fortify MAINTAIN is essentially the same as Fortify Original, without the MSM (and with a hint of Peppermint for YUM factor).  After so many years of seeing excellent results, we have also seen a great many of these horses either no longer need (or need as much) MSM.  It made more sense to seperate it off and turn Fortify Original into Fortify MAINTAIN, bringing the costs down for a large majority.  For those that still require MSM, it will be available for purchase separately, with greater control over dose (especially if requirements change) OR choose other options in the Fortify range (to be released soon) addressing issues that specifically call for MSM in a much more targeted manner.  

 Making these changes allows Fortify MAINTAIN to be an excellent base / maintenance supplement, whilst being more economical, longer lasting and gives greater control over if or when to target other issues.

Fortify Maintain is designed to help maintain healthy biological function


  • Vibrant Coats
  • Hoof Quality
  • Healthy Skin
  • Wound Healing
  • Immune Strength
  • Metabolism
  • General Resilliance
  • Connective Tissue (tendons, Ligaments, joints, Cartilage etc)
  • Performance
  • Much More!

 Recommended for 4+ Horses as contents us best used within 6 months of opening.