Beeswax Waterproofing Bar

  • $16.00

This product is not a flammable liquid, so is safe to use and get on hands. Plus an excellent choice for those that suffer from severe asthma or skin disorders. No toxic fumes/chemical particles that can be inhaled or ingested. 
We devised the idea of a bar as if you attempted to melt down pure natural waxes, by the time it hit your paint brush it would have hardened, before even geting to cover. We do not condone melting and then thinning with turpentine as turpentine is a highly flammable liquid. With acute oral toxicicity (as specified in it's data sheet) It is also highly combustible. PLEASE do not use on your animals covers. If you wish to thin our bars down, please use an oil. 


1. First, ensure that the product you are applying this to is clean and dry.
Use the free cotton cloth provided to hold the bar and rub back and forth 
over the surface, which creates the friction needed to loosen the wax.
2. Ensure the wax has been SPREAD EVENLY over the surface. 
3. HEAT the wax into the fabric using either:
• A heat gun
• A hair dryer on a HIGH heat setting (for smaller garments).
• An iron set to a LOW SYNTHETIC setting.
4. If applying to a large surface area such as a horse cover, for the best 
results apply a second coating of the wax bar straight after you have 
heated thoroughly the first application.
5. If the look of the wax is white and it is sticky to touch it has not been cured into the fabric. So it won’t be waterproof. So re-apply heat using the above methods.
6. Leave overnight to dry and cure.
For a visual demonstration of how to apply this product please visit our website:
NOTE: To wash the wax out of your fabric, set the wash temperature to 60 degrees heat and wash twice. 
For larger clothes or in-between covers, you could place garments into tied up large black plastic rubbish bags. Then place into the dryer for 10min increments. 

It’s recommended that you re-apply wax every year or second year. Waxing fabric, will darken the color of a fabric and give it a light shine. As a general rule of thumb, plan on using more wax to treat un-waxed or oiled fabrics. Waxed fabrics are already saturated with wax, so will not absorb as much as an untreated fabric. Our Bee Kind wax bars are excellent for one-sided waxing because it creates a seal on the top layer of the fabric. Great for quickly re-proofing factory waxed and oiled garments like oilskins. Our wax is melted down when applied, thus permeating deeper into the fabric and yielding a more factory-waxed appearance. This is ideal for multi-layered coats and jackets, or for re-proofing factory-oiled fabrics

NOTE: Please do not use these bars if you are allergic to bees. The heating process may attract a small amount of bees, as bees can detect the smell of beeswax from miles away. 
Please apply the wax correctly to the fabric re. Heating/curing. More info below. We have found an iron on a low setting to be the best application, but please use with caution. Can be used in 'hot' direct sun to melt and cure.